2018 Winter Food and Fun Northfield

Closed 18 Dec 2018

Opened 7 Dec 2018


Would you like to book a family 3 day food parcel? (to be picked up Cummings Park Centre 24th December between 2 and 4pm)

Would you like to book your child/children (primary schooll age) a place on a trip to the Beach Leisure Centre 24th December for activities and food (Bus pick up Northfield Academy 9 am, return/drop off 1.30pm approx)

Would you like to book your child/children (primary school age)  a place to Pittodre 27th December for a party and food? (Bus pick up Northfield Academy 10.30am, return/drop off 1.30pm approx)

If so, please complete the form and we will get back to you if you have been successful.


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