Marywell to A956 Wellington Road - Cycle Path

Closed 8 Feb 2019

Opened 16 Jan 2019


We are looking at developing a route for a key pedestrian and cycling link in the Marywell area near Cove Bay. It would be part of a long distance cycling and walking route connecting Aberdeen to Stonehaven.

Part of the cycleway would be carried by Aberdeenshire Council (Stonehaven to Marywell) and we are investigating five possible routes for part of our section, near Marywell. The project is also part of the Aberdeen City Council Active Travel Action Plan and the Regional Active Travel Action Plan, which is designed to improve walking and cycling facilities and routes.

It is important that residents, and those likely to use the infrastructure proposed, are kept informed and have the opportunity to contribute to the process.This includes people who live in the Marywell/Cove Bay area, and those in the villages and settlements from Aberdeen to Stonehaven.

We are in the early stages of planning of this project, and are asking you for your opinions on the five routes. The next stages would be the five options would be assessed taking into consideration feedback we have received, and culminating in a preferred route which would be put forward to committees for their consideration.

Thank you for your time and your feedback is appreciated.


  • Marywell to A956 Wellington Road - Public Consultation

    From 28 Jan 2019 at 15:00 to 28 Jan 2019 at 19:00

    A Public Consultation event will be held in the Cove Library, Loirston Avenue, Cove Bay, Aberdeen, AB12 3HE


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