Aberdeen in Colour

Closed 15 Oct 2017

Opened 6 Oct 2017


We would like to hear your views on a new Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan project, which would use creative lighting to permanently showcase the city’s landmarks and streetscape.

"Aberdeen in Colour” could also improve wayfinding, enhance cultural experiences, and make the city centre even more welcoming.

The project is being brought forward by Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen Inspired, operator of the Business Improvement District.

Award-winning design consultancy Steensen Varming has been appointed to develop the creative lighting strategy and will base it on six themes:

1. Unique Aberdeen

2. A Welcoming Destination

3. A New City Experience

4. Waterfront Connections

5. Night Time Economy

6. Leadership in Technology and Sustainability 


Why We Are Consulting

Feedback from this survey will be used when drawing up a creative lighting strategy to help transform the city centre. 

The Masterplan belongs to the city in the widest sense. The vision was shaped by the people, community groups and businesses, and enjoyed widespread support.

Public engagement is critical to its success as projects come forward. 

What Happens Next

Feedback will be used by the design team when drawing up plans for "Aberdeen in Colour". A report is expected to go to Aberdeen City Council for consideration in early 2018. 



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