Union Terrace Gardens

Closed 9 Dec 2016

Opened 2 Dec 2016


We would like to hear your views on proposals for enhancing and transforming Union Terrace Gardens – an Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan (CCMP) project.
The revitalisation of Union Terrace Gardens (UTG) is being taken forward under the Masterplan, which was unanimously approved by Aberdeen City Council in 2015. The Masterplan is a 25-year regeneration blueprint containing 50 projects, some of which are already under way.
LDA Design has been appointed to draw up proposals for enhancing UTG – to conserve its heritage while improving access, amenity and activity. Priorities identified by the public and stakeholders during the Masterplan consultation are the basis for the proposals, namely:
1. Preserving the green space
2. Accessibility
3. Create events space
4. Improve facilities
5. Safety
6. Heritage features
The survey describes how the proposals seek to address these issues and so meet modern expectations and standards around usage and inclusiveness while respecting UTG’s setting and history. You are invited to study the proposals, judge their impact, and add any comment.

NOTE: Once you click "Online Survey" at the bottom of this page, click the "continue" buttons at the bottom of each page to take you through the proposals and questions.


Why We Are Consulting

The Masterplan belongs to the city in the widest sense. The vision was shaped by the people and key stakeholders, enjoying widespread support. Public engagement will be a critical part of its success as projects come forward.

Feedback from this survey will be shared with LDA Design to inform the drawing up of detailed plans for UTG. We are consulting with residents to ensure we get the best result for UTG, so that it might serve Aberdeen for generations to come and help transform our city centre.


What Happens Next

Feedback from the survey will be shared with the design team to inform the drawing up of detailed plans for UTG. A report will go to Full Council for consideration. This is expected to happen in March, 2017.

You will be afforded the opportunity for comment on the emerging plans through the formal planning process.


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