Sexual Entertainment Venue Licensing (SEV) 2021

Closed 2 Apr 2021

Opened 1 Mar 2021


A consultation to gather opinion on the policy statement considerations relating to Sexual Entertainment Venues in Aberdeen City. ​

  • At present there is no legal requirement for Sexual Entertainment Venues to be licensed in Scotland other than under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 ("the 2005 Act") for the sale of alcohol.​

  • However, in a recent case,  the Court has decided that the licensing regime in the 2005 Act cannot extend to matters not directly linked to the sale of alcohol. Therefore, there is currently no direct licensing or regulation of this activity in Scotland. ​

  • Premises are classed as an SEV where sexual entertainment is provided before a live audience for the direct or indirect financial benefit of the organiser. ​

  • Sexual entertainment is any live performance or live display of nudity provided for the sole or principal purpose of sexual stimulation of members of the audience. ​

  • However, premises where sexual entertainment is provided on no more than 4 occasions in a twelve month period are not to be treated as SEV.​

Why your views matter

The Licensing Committee have decided to adopt the licensing of SEVs. In order to develop a policy statement on the licensing of SEVs within Aberdeen City the Committee is seeking views on:  ​

1. The appropriate number and location of SEVs in Aberdeen; and​

2.  What matters should be taken into consideration in the development of the  SEV policy statement.  ​

When developing the SEV Licensing Policy,  care will be taken to balance the freedom of individuals to engage in legal employment and activities with the right to exercise appropriate control and regulation to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of the staff and Patrons. In turn, the Community should benefit from a safe, regulated environment. ​

Please note the purpose of the legislation and the question for the Committee is one of public safety and not one of morality.​

Aberdeen City Council’s Licensing Committee would like to know your views on licensing of SEVs.  Please read the undernoted privacy notice prior to submitting your response for information on how your data will be used.


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