Aberdeen City Council Website - Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Closes 2 Dec 2019

Aberdeen City Council Website

1. What did you come to the Aberdeen City Council website to do?
2. Which device did you use to visit the Aberdeen City Council website?
3. Based on your recent experience of accessing the Aberdeen City Council website, how would you rate the following?
Ease of accessing the information required (e.g. site navigation, search function etc.)
The quality of the information available
Able to do what set out to do
The look of the website
Overall experience of using the website
4. Please provide any further comments on the website design or any suggestions for improvement below. It would be helpful if you could include the link to the page if possible.
5. Would you be interested in taking part in future surveys about the Aberdeen City Council website? If yes please provide your email address below.

We will only use your email address to share future surveys about the Council website. If you have a query that you would like a response to, please fill in one of our online forms:  

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