Help Shape Our Services

Closed 31 Dec 2020

Opened 3 Feb 2017


Over the coming months, were are providing our customers with the opportunity to help us improve how our services are delivered.  If you have recently used any of the services detailed below, you are invited to take part in a variety of ways to contribute and give your feedback.

This may include participating in surveys and/or attending a meeting with a member of our Customer Service Development Team to talk through your recent experience, from point of contact until the delivery of the service.

The services currently being reviewed are detailed below but as this is a rolling programme of work, more services will be added regularly.

  • Accord Card - Access to Leisure
  • Accord Card - Online School Payments
  • Accord Card - Free Bus Travel Application Process
  • Accord Card - Library Membership Card
  • Environmental Health
  • Freedom of Information Requests
  • Residential Parking Permits
  • Roads
  • School and Nursery Applications
  • Street Lighting
  • Street Cleansing
  • Trading Standards
  • Trees, Grounds and Parks Maintenance
  • Waste and Recycling

If you’d be happy for us to contact you from time to time for your feedback on our services, then please do sign-up with your name and a way to contact you. You can change your mind at any time, so if at any time in the future you no longer want to be contacted for feedback, let us know by emailing us at  Otherwise we’ll will keep your details for the current year, plus up to two years.  We won’t share your data with anyone else.  More information on how we will use your data in relation to any feedback you provide can be found in our Your data: customer feedback page.

Why your views matter

The Council needs your feedback to improve our services.  We understand that listening to your views and acting on them is a vital way of improving the services we provide for you and welcome any comments and suggestions that you have.

If you are interested in helping us reshape and develop our services please register now.


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