Aberdeen City Council Transfer List Consultation

Closed 6 Jan 2020

Opened 15 Nov 2019


We are seeking greater details about why our tenants are looking to move from their current Aberdeen City Council accommodation. We hope to use this information to provide better advice on what choices to make when registering on our Transfer List and determine if there are any common themes causing our tenants dissatisfaction with their tenancies. 

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting to try and get a better understanding of why our tenants wish to move from their current homes and whether we can improve our services based on their feedback. 

We currently have 1541 households registered on our Transfer list, consisting of a mixture of Aberdeen City Council and Local Housing Association Tenants. The application they complete to register takes information on their current living situation to assess it against our Allocations Policy but does not ask other questions about their views on the accommodaiton and services we provide to them and why they want to move.  



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