Transitions for Young People with a Disability

Closes 8 Jul 2022

Opened 2 Jun 2022


This survey is designed to gather the views of young people with disabilities and their parents and carers.  The focus of the survey is on the time around leaving school and no longer being able access to supports provided for children.

This survey is entirely voluntary.  We will not ask you your name or any other identifiable details.  If you wish to take part only the consent and first three questions must be completed to help us understand your general circumstances.  Any other questions can be skipped if they do not apply or you do not want to answer them.

Results will be used to help Aberdeen City Council try to improve services and as part of a Robert Gordon University (RGU) final year project. 

The Robert Gordon University project is being carried out by Lorna Stephen who is undertaking a Graduate Apprenticeship in Business Management at RGU and is employed full time as a Principal Planning and Development Officer with Aberdeen City Council’s Childrens Social Work.  The aim of the project is to examine transitions for children with disabilities supported by Aberdeen City Council, Children’s Social Work Service, and to make recommendations to support service improvement.  Lorna’s work is being supervised by RGU Senior Lecturer, Dr Simon Fraser.

The RGU project will feed into a wider Aberdeen City Council project.  This project is being led by Children’s Social Work but includes Adults Social Work and Education colleagues.  At the end of the survey you will be given the opportunity to give us your email address if you wish to help us further with this project.  The email address will be removed from the rest of your answers so that all results are analysed anonymously.

This project will analyse information held in accordance with existing Aberdeen City Council Privacy Notices.  Please see Why and how we use your data for more information. 

As stated above, the survey is anonymous and aimed at gathering general perspectives across our customers, it is not our intention to capture personal or sensitive data. However, there are some free flow text questions that could inadvertently capture personal data. We will not attribute any inadvertently capture of personal data to individuals as part of the data analysis or reporting. The analysis of this survey will used to improve our service and fulfil requirements of the RGU project report.


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