Review of Exclusion policy & guidance 2017

Closed 13 Oct 2020

Opened 3 Oct 2020


Our exclusion policy and guidance was developed in 2017. The aim from the Scottish Government is for all children and young people to be fully included, engaged and involved in their education; and, to improve outcomes.

Exclusion should only be used as a last resort;
be a proportionate response where there is no alternative;
be a short term measure with the aim of improving outcomes;
enable further planning and assessment.

The main purpose of exclusion is to ensure appropriate support for the child or young person, and that they are able to re-engage in education.

Why your views matter


Statistics on exclusions from schools in Scotland indicate that children and young people are more likely to be excluded where they:

have a disability
Are looked after
from the most deprived areas;
have an additional support need
have an additional support need that has been identified as social, emotional and behavioural


In the most recent Scottish government statistics 2018-9, Aberdeen City recorded 52.9 exclusions per 1000 pupils compared to the local authority average of  21.6

What happens next

Revision of policy and guidance


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