Closed 20 Dec 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022





Aberdeen City Council has made the above-named order in exercise of the powers conferred on them by Sections 9 and 10 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and of all other enabling powers and after consultation with the Chief Officer of Police in accordance with Part III of Schedule 9 to said Act and having complied with the statutory requirements of The Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999, as amended. The Order will be experimental so as to allow the Council to modify or vary the scheme at short notice once in force, should circumstances require. The effect of the order, which will come into operation on 21 June 2022, is to impose the following traffic management measures on certain roads in Aberdeen: -

‘Bus Gates’ will be established on Union Street at its junction with Bridge Street / Union Terrace, and its junction with Market Street. Only local buses and pedal cycles will be permitted to enter the central section of Union Street at the point of the aforementioned junctions. Access to the central section of Union Street for taxis and private hire vehicles will be available at any time by way of Back Wynd, while similarly vehicles requiring access for loading or serving adjacent properties can use the same route during a limited time period, namely 4.30pm to 11am.

Certain lengths of Bus Lane, operational on any day at any time, will be established on Bridge Street, Union Street and Market Street, these bus lanes being situated on the immediate approach to the Bus Gates highlighted above and for the exclusive use by local buses and pedal cycles.

Vehicles on Union Street will be prohibited from turning right onto Diamond Street.

A ‘Pedestrian and Cycle Zone’ will be established in the Belmont Quarter, namely Back Wynd, Belmont Street, Little Belmont Street and Gaelic Lane. Albeit, certain lengths of Taxi Stance and Disabled Parking will also be established on Back Wynd. For the purpose of vehicles loading adjacent to properties, or servicing properties in the Belmont Quarter, access will be permitted between 4.30pm and 11am, while access will be retained at any time to properties that have established vehicular accesses to off-street areas (some of these areas will be managed by a permit system).

A prohibition of vehicles waiting at any time, and additionally a prohibition of loading between 11.00am and 4.30pm on any day, will be established on Union Street (between its junctions with Market Street and Bridge Street), Belmont Street, Gaelic Lane, Little Belmont Street and certain lengths of Back Wynd.

There will be certain restrictions put on vehicular movements to direct traffic through the Belmont Quarter and a section of Little Belmont Street will be closed to motor vehicles.

There will be certain revocations with respect to traffic management measures provided by previous orders relating to the roads specified above.

A plan highlighing the measures, along with the Order and 'Statement of reasons' can be viewed by clicking on the relevant links below:


The Aberdeen City Council (Central Union Street / Belmont Quarter, Aberdeen) (Traffic Management) (Experimental) Order 2022

Statement of reasons

Why your views matter

In due course, the Council will consider whether or not the provisions of the Experimental Order should be continued in force indefinitely. Within a period of six months beginning with the day on which the Order came into force, or if any or all of the Order provisions are varied or modified by the Council, beginning with the day the latest variation or modification came into force, any person may object to the making of an Order for the purpose of such indefinite continuation. Any such objection must be sent in writing to, or to the address at the end, stating the grounds on which the objection is being made.

Any person who submits an objection to a traffic regulation order should be aware that any objection made will be available to members of the Committee, available for inspection by members of the public, distributed to the press, and will form part of the agenda pack which is available on the Council’s website. To that extent, however, they are redacted, with names, addresses, telephone numbers and signatures removed from this correspondence.


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