A92 Murcar North_Proposed Shared Use Footway

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Closes 25 Aug 2019

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2. Select which location best describes where you reside
3. Are you familiar with the Murcar - Blackdog area?
4. If so, do you travel on the A92 Ellon Road along the Aberdeen-Blackdog stretch?
5. Which of these, best describes your most frequent journey purpose
6. Which best describes your main means of transport for the journey above
7. Aside from the journey above, which best describes the next frequent (or occasional) journey purpose you undertake
8. By what means of transport do you undertake this journey?
9. Of the options below, which are you most interested in?
10. How would the proposed footway be of benefit to you?
11. What are your comments on the design considerations and the proposal in general?