Aberdeen Art Gallery: Medieval Aberdeen survey

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Closes 2 Oct 2023

Medieval Aberdeen: tell us what you think

1. Would you be interested in visiting an exhibition about life in medieval Aberdeen?
2. Can you select the themes you would be most interested in learning about? (tick as many as apply)
3. Museums should be allowed to display skeletal human remains if this is done sensitively and respectfully. They should only be displayed ethically for education and learning. (tick one option)
4. Use this space to tell us more about your previous answer
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5. How do you access information about history? (tick as many as apply)
6. What is your preference for how information is presented in an exhibition? (tick as many as apply)
7. Do you like having digital interactives or immersive experiences within exhibition spaces? (tick box one option)
8. Which of the following accessibility services would be of interest to you? (tick as many as apply)
9. What is your age?
10. Which of the following best describes how you think of your gender identity?
11. Which is your ethnic group?
12. Do you identify as a deaf of disabled person, or have a long-term health condition?
13. Do you live in
14. If you live in the UK, what is your postcode?
15. If you live overseas, what is your country of residence?
16. Use this space to leave any further comments
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