British Art Show 9 visitor survey

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Closes 10 Oct 2021

British Art Show 9: tell us what you think

1. Have you visited Aberdeen Art Gallery before today?
2. Are you visiting with other people?
3. Is this your first visit to Aberdeen Art Gallery since we re-opened in April 2021 following the Covid-19 lockdown?
4. Is this visit to Aberdeen Art Gallery the first arts and cultural activity you have attended in person since the restrictions were lifted following Covid-19 lockdown?
5. Have you visited today specifically to see British Art Show 9? If no, what was the main reason for your visit today?
6. Through which of the following have you seen or heard about British Art Show 9 before today ('our' refers to Aberdeen Art Gallery)
7. Have you visited the British Art Show 9 website ( not
8. Have you attended any of our British Art Show 9 events?
9. How would you describe your knowledge of contemporary visual arts?
10. Following your visit to British Art Show 9 today, how much do you agree with these statements
11. What is your age?
12. Which of the following best describes how you think of your gender identity?
13. Which is your ethnic group?
14. Do you identify as a deaf of disabled person, or have a long-term health condition?
15. Do you live in
16. If you live in the UK, what is your postcode?
17. If you live overseas, what is your country of residence?
18. Please let us know if you would be interested in any of the following