Aberdeen Beachfront Development Framework Phase 2

Closed 26 Jun 2023

Opened 26 May 2023


The Beachfront offers a unique opportunity to create a transformational
new waterfront destination for the City of Aberdeen.  The Beachfront  Development Framework Phase 1, was approved by Council on the 4th May 2023 and takes a landscape-led approach to the development of a world class leisure and recreational destination for the City.  It sets a structure for the re-organisation of Phase One of the beachfront area in order to deliver on the public’s priorities for the Beachfront in a cohesive and complimentary manner. The document was developed and shaped with extensive consultation and involvement from stakeholders.

In August 2022, Council instructed officers to explore opportunities for a Phase 2 of the Beachfront Development Framework looking to improve active travel and public transport connectivity between Footdee and other parts of the City, and to look at opportunities for the remainder of the Beachfront area from Footdee to Donmouth. 

This consultation is an initial fact finding exercise to determine how you currently use the areas identified within Phase Two, what the positive and negative features are within these areas and how you think these areas could be improved in the future. 

Why your views matter

We would like to hear your thoughts on the remainder of the Beachfront area down to Footdee and up to the River Don as identified on the plan linked below.  We want to know how you use these areas, what you like, what you would improve and any general comments or thoughts you have on this part of the City.

What happens next

By participating in this consultation, you will help Aberdeen City Council determine what is important to you and your community about the future of the Beachfront area. This is turn will be reported back to Council and inform the initial preparation of a Phase 2 Development Framework for the Beachfront area to complement the existing work being done within Phase One


  • Anyone from any background


  • Economic Development
  • Community Safety
  • Community Planning
  • Local Services
  • Policies and Strategies
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change
  • Natural Heritage
  • Disabilities
  • Gender
  • Faith, Religion and Belief
  • Race
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Heritage
  • Leisure
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Sport and Activities
  • Tourism and Visitor Attractions
  • Cycling
  • Parking
  • Public Transport
  • Roads and Pavements
  • Traffic
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Walking
  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Adults and Older People
  • Carers
  • Children and Families
  • Disabilities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Conservation
  • City Centre Masterplan
  • Development
  • Land
  • Masterplans
  • Planning
  • Property
  • Public Space
  • Regeneration