Aberdeen Low Emission Zone Options

Closes 25 Oct 2020


This questionnaire is made up of some general questions about LEZs and some more detailed questions about each of the options.

For each of the options, a map is provided of the proposed LEZ boundary along with a summary of 'Key Points' which we believe are important to know about each of the options, and which show how options differ from one another.

We know, however, that different options will have different impacts on individuals and businesses and will affect their travel habits in different ways so it is important for us to gather as much information as possible from you on the advantages and disadvantages of each so we can make the best decisions on what the LEZ should be. 

1. Are you responding to this consultation as an individual or on behalf of an organisation?
2. Before starting this survey, were you aware of the air quality problems in Aberdeen city centre?
3. Generally, are you in favour of Low Emission Zones to tackle poor air quality?
4. Given that air quality in Aberdeen city centre exceeds national objectives and EU limit values in a number of areas and the main source of this is road traffic, do you agree that a Low Emission Zone is an appropriate response to this?