Taxi and PHC consultation 2020

Closed 2 Jul 2020

Opened 4 Jun 2020


Aberdeen City Council (ACC) is working to ensure overall public safety is maintained in Aberdeen as lockdown restrictions are eased. In particular, we are working to ensure there is sufficient space for people to move around safely so that the risks of further infection are minimised. We are aware that any changes proposed to city centre traffic management may also impact on the existing operation of taxis and PHCs and their customers, especially when using taxi ranks. This survey will help gather taxi and PHC operators’ views and ensure that the measures ACC put in place minimise negative impacts on taxi and PHC operations and support the continued health of the taxi / PHC industry. The correct measures put in place will help both local taxi / PHC operators and ACC support Aberdeen city centre’s economic recovery.

Please note: Any traffic measures introduced by ACC are temporary and will be subject to ongoing monitoring and revision. ACC will also seek to ensure traffic management changes beyond the city centre in outlying communities consider the taxi / PHC community’s views.

Why We Are Consulting

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