Broad Street Project: Public Survey

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Closes 12 Apr 2019

Survey Questions

1. What is your age?

2. What is your gender?

3. Do you have a physical or mental health condition or illness lasting or expected to last 12 months or more?

4. Does this condition or illness affect you in any of the following areas?

5. Does your condition or illness reduce your ability to carry-out day-to-day activities?

6. Please select the option that best describes your opinion towards the following statements. Following the public realm improvements to Broad Street:

I like spending time in this area
I can freely move around the area due to improved accessibility
Driver behaviour is appropriate in this area
Cyclist behaviour is appropriate in the area
Pedestrian behaviour is appropriate in the area
I feel the buses drive at an appropriate speed respecting pedestrians
This street has increased the footfall for local businesses the area
I feel safe in the area during the day.
I feel safe in the area at night.
The area has increased my journeys on foot or by bicycle
The area has improved the setting of Marischal College
The project promotes healthy living in the city
The area has improved bus times and reliability
The project has reduced car use within the area
The changes promotes active travel in the city
The changes have allowed for larger temporary events in the area
The changes have increased access to public transport

7. Of the statements above, which do you feel could be most improved and why?

8. What in particular do you like most about this street space?

9. What in particular do you dislike about the street space?

10. What do you like about the changes in Broad Street?

11. What do you dislike about the changes to Broad Street?

12. Have the changes to Broad Street affected your access to the area?

13. What is your main purpose for visiting the space?

14. Do you have any further comments?