Proposed sale of an area of common good land to the Tillydrone Community Development Trust

Closed 29 Nov 2022

Opened 29 Sep 2022


The Tillydrone Community Development Trust would like to take ownership of the Wallace Tower so they can extend and restore the original building. In doing so they will utilise the property for the good of the local communities, visitors to Seaton Park and tourists. 

Why your views matter

The Tillydrone Community Development Trust (TCDT) have made a request to purchase the property, which forms part of Seaton Park. Seaton Park was purchased by the Common Good Fund, therefore is part of the Common Good Land owned by Aberdeen City Council. Due to this being Common Good land the Council cannot sell the property to TCDT without getting Court authority to do so.

TCDT have a considerable amount of support within the local Community for their proposal, however the Council is required to undertake this consultation to find out whether this support is prevalent across the City.

What happens next

We will consider all the comments received and if there is support for the proposals we will then seek Court approval to allow the sale of the land to the Tillydrone Community Development Trust to go ahead.


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