South College Street Junction Improvements

Closed 19 Jan 2021

Opened 9 Dec 2020



Following the adoption of the Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan, the impact of the proposed changes on the city’s road network was assessed. This identified a number of transport network changes required to support the Masterplan’s ambitions, with the South College Street Junction Improvements project’s capacity upgrades highlighted as essential prior to implementation of public realm changes.

With the adoption of a new North East Scotland Roads Hierarchy in 2019, changing access to and around the city, South College Street will have an important role in providing a key route to the city centre.

The Project

The purpose of the Project is to support the City Centre Masterplan aims to improve the public realm in the city centre.  It will do this by providing additional road capacity to accommodate the rerouting of vehicular traffic arising from the implementation of public realm enhancements along Guild Street and Union Street. The corridor’s improved capacity and operation will also complement its position in the new roads hierarchy.  In tandem the Project will enhance infrastructure for walking and cycling along its length. Making these improvements is the next step towards providing a transport network to meet Aberdeen’s needs and city centre aspirations.

A detailed appraisal of the required improvements has been undertaken and a preferred option was adopted by the Council in 2017. As the design has progressed further work, including traffic modelling, has been carried out to ensure that the Project will perform effectively. In May 2020 the Council resolved to progress a Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire the land necessary to build the Project.

The project consists of a package of junction improvements and road widening measures which will increase capacity and improve traffic flow on this section of the road network. Alongside the carriageway there will be shared and segregated facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Interactive Location Plan

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With the implementation of the South College Street Junction Improvements, the City Centre Masterplan projects to improve the public realm can be progressed.  Including the development of a high-quality public realm along Guild Street, creating the opportunity to improve pedestrian space & experience near Union Square and along the pedestrian routes through the Merchant Quarter.  Additionally, enabling the promotion of improved public transport & cycle priority on Guild Street. 

The Project will provide substantial benefits including:

For traffic:

  • Improving journey times and connections;
  • Reducing congestion;
  • Enabling the rerouting traffic away from the city centre core;

For walking and cycling:

  • Creating additional signalised crossing points;
  • Providing segregated and continuous cycling facilities;
  • Improving the accessibility to the city centre, railway, and bus stations.


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