Third Don Crossing Noise Insulation

Closed 26 Feb 2023

Opened 12 Dec 2022


Further to the letter you received, if you would like to request an evaluation visit to your property, please complete the forms on the next page.

If you have not received a letter from Aberdeen City Council about the Third Don Crossing Noise Assessment, your property is not eligible, and you should not complete this questionnaire. 

Why your views matter

You will have received a letter about the Third Don Crossing Noise Assessment, where we have identified that windows within your property may be eligible for insulation under the Noise Insulation (Scotland) Regulations 1975 (NI(S)R). However, we may have to visit your property to identify whether the living room or bedroom meets our criteria. To progress, we ask you to complete this online questionnaire to provide information about your property so that an Officer can get in touch to arrange an evaluation visit to determine that your dwelling qualifies for noise insulation. The questionnaire should be completed by the 26th of February 2023. 


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