'A City for all Carers' Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP) Carer Strategy

Closes 31 Dec 2022

Opened 12 Oct 2022


‘A City for All Carers’ Aberdeen City Carer Strategy

Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP) are responsible for developing a strategy for supporting Carers in Aberdeen. This includes both Adult and Young Carers.

This Consultation is on the draft Carer Stategy and Action Plan for Aberdeen City.

The Strategy focuses on four Main strategic priorities;

  • Identifying as a Carer and the first steps to support
  • Accessing Advice and Support
  • Supporting future planning, decision making and wider Carer involvement
  • Community support and services for Carers

Copies of the draft Strategy and Action Plan are linked at the bottom of this page (section - 'Related') and in the section on the Strategy specifically.

This also includes a 'Plan on a Page', Summary version and resources to facilitate discussions with Young Carers.

You will need to be familiar with these to answer some of the questions.

Why your views matter

We want to hear your views on our draft Strategy to inform our final version and ongoing actions within our Action Plan.

The final Strategy will be reported to our the Aberdeen City Integration Joint Board in January 2023.

This survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


Tell us your views


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