ACHSCP Good Food Nation consultation

Closed 15 Apr 2024

Opened 25 Mar 2024


This consultation seeks views on the national Good Food Nation Plan. This Plan is the first of many steps to progress food system transformation in Scotland. This consultation covers the content of the first national Good Food Nation Plan and asks your views on the national Good Food Nation Outcomes and how different groups envision life in a Good Food Nation.

This first national Good Food Nation Plan represents how the Scottish Government intends to work collectively with people, communities, businesses, agencies and organisations to meet our Good Food Nation ambitions.

  • Part One outlines the history of the Good Food Nation in Scotland and highlights how the plan will take effect. 
  • Part Two proposes a set of six national Good Food Nation Outcomes,  We want you to give us your views  on these Outcomes as well as the measures.
  • Part Three presents what life would be like for different groups of people under a Good Food Nation                                                                          

This consultation seeks views on Part 2 and 3, We hope you and others will take part. You can choose to respond to some or all of the question as applicable to you.


Why your views matter

We are interested in  capturing your views  on the Good Food Nation proposal as our key stakeholder participating in the food champions programme. Your views will help us focus our attention to the consultation questions most relevant to Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership priority on improving health and wellbeing and reducing diet related inequalities.


  • Community Organisations


  • Health and Wellbeing