Carers' Reference Group - Note of interest

Closes 6 Nov 2024

Opened 27 Oct 2023


The Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP) is committed to creating, supporting, and maintaining an active "Carers' Reference Group" for Aberdeen City.

At this stage, the ACHSCP is reaching out to contact people who provide unpaid care, and who may be interested in contributing - in the manner of their choosing - to a Carers' Reference Group

The ACHSCP wants unpaid Carers to have the opportunity to be part of this group, which will have influence upon:

  • The design and range of services that support unpaid Carers, and those they care for.
  • The review and creation of policies and strategies that are relevant to unpaid Carers, and those they care for.

The Carers' Reference Group will also act as a forum for unpaid Carers to share and receive relevant information.

Why your views matter

Your views matter as, at the ACHSCP, we believe in working together.

It is only by listening to, and acting upon, the views, insights, and knowledge of unpaid Carers - the experts by experience - that we can make meaningful changes and improvements to our existing services and supports.

If at any time you wished to withdraw your interest, you could do so by emailing: or by phoning: 01224 067039

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