Cairncry adults cooking pre-session April questionnaire

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Closes 26 May 2024


1. What kind of cooking do you do for you (and your family) at the moment? (Please tick as many boxes as appropriate)
2. What influences your cooking choice? (Please tick as many boxes as appropriate)
3. From a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is not confident at all and 5 is very confident, please rate your confidence for the statements below:
4. How often do you use convenience / take–away food?
5. How much fluid do you drink a day (this includes water, coffee/tea/milk/ fruit juice)?
6. How many portions for fruits and vegetables are you currently eating in a day?
7. Have you requested or received support from a Food bank during the last 6 months?
8. If you answered yes to question 7, did you know what to do with and how to cook the food items provided by the food bank?
9. Do you have any worries or concerns about coming to this food skills course?
10. If you answered yes to question 9, could you tell us more about your worries and concerns