Young Carers Post-Session Questionnaire

Closed 30 Apr 2024

Opened 5 Mar 2024


Confidence to Cook Programme

Week 5 Post-course questionnaire for participants

      Venue:  Cook at the Nook  CFINE                                                                              Date: 02/04/2024

Please note that all responses to this questionnaire will remain anonymous.

Why your views matter

Completing this questionnaire will help us understand if we have supported you to achieve your life food skills by comparing your answers at the start of the session with the last session in April 2024. This will help us improve sessions in the future to meet your individual needs.

Yours view is important because it helps us understand what is important to you in terms of food choices and what skills you'd like to learn. The information you share with us will help demonstrate the impact of this cooking activity and ensure it continues to be funded. 


Please click on the online survey below to answer the questions. Takes  2-3mins to complete.

Thank you.


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