Access to free Disposable and Re-useable Sanitary products in Aberdeen

Closed 25 Feb 2022

Opened 3 Jan 2022


The Act, Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) states that everyone in Scotland who menstruates should have convenient access to period products, free of charge, as and when they are required. This includes visitors to Scotland for the duration of their stay.

Why your views matter

So that we, as an organisation, listen to what we're being told and ensure that:

  • people know there are free sanitary products in the city 
  •  influence where they can be picked up locally.

So that you can influence where people in communities can access the products easily and pass on the information to friends, family and those who need them.


  • Community Councils
  • Community Organisations
  • Children and Young People
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • Women
  • Young People


  • Health and Wellbeing