Deeside Way Crossing at Pittengullies Brae

Closed 31 Jul 2019

Opened 18 Jul 2019


The Transport Strategy Team within Aberdeen City Council are currently considering an improvement to the junction on Pittengullies Brae at Deeside Way (the old railway line).

Currently people travelling along Deeside Way descend to the road level at Pittengullies Brae, cross the road at this uncontrolled junction, then ascend to the Deeside Way again.

The gradients are currently quite steep and we are looking to improve this junction from a safety and 'journey continuity' perspective.

Why your views matter

The current Aberdeen City Council Active Travel Action Plan comprises projects for walking, cycling and wheeling that have been identified as those requiring an upgrade to existing facilities, and those to create new facilities where none currently exists. These projects will help facilitate movement by walking, cycling and wheeling to and from the city centre.

This junction currently sits within the Active Travel Action Plan and we are currently looking to carry out some improvements. Prior to carrying out any improvement works we would like to offer those who use the Deeside Way at Pittengullies Brae the opportunity to contribute to the process of selecting the type of improvement to take forward.

We would therefore like to ask how you currently use the Deeside Way in this area, how you view this junction and how you would prefer to see it improved.

This survey should take lo longer than 5 minutes to complete.

What happens next

Once the views of the public have been collated these views can feed into the Options Appraisal that will be carried out on the various crossing improvement options put forward for consideration. 


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