Torry Cruyff Court - Have your say!

Closed 2 May 2019

Opened 10 Apr 2019


As some of you may know, we are working with the Johan Cruyff Foundation and Denis Law Legacy Trust to upgrade the currently out of use Multi-Use Pitch located on the Tullos Playing Fields to a Cruyff Court! All being well, we expect the work on the new pitch to be completed by the end of this year.

What is a Cruyff Court?

A Cruyff Court is a small playing field with a surface made of artifical grass. It is a free of charge area to play, meet with friends and enjoy.

You cannot book the site, the Cruyff Court is free to access at any point for any member of the community. The Denis Law Legacy Trust Streesport project will have a programme of activities on at the court to help provide something for everyone in the community.  

Why we are consulting

As well as having the artifical grass pitch, there will also be a hard standing, multi-use pitch next to it. We are seeking the views of the community to see what should feature on that pitch, for example:

- Painted basketball/netball/tennis lines

-Adjustable basketball hoops

-Chalked activities (such as hop-scotch)

Any ideas are welcome!

In addtion, there willl also be a path leading from the community centre/school to the court - so we would like to hear your ideas for the path too! Might it have warm-up stations or something similar?...



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