Budget Consultation 2024/25 Phase 2

Closed 12 Nov 2023

Opened 11 Oct 2023


Like all local authorities, Aberdeen City Council faces rising costs for delivering public services. The scale of the challenge means we must plan for a funding shortfall of £83 million over the next four years.

Some extremely difficult decisions will need to be made to stay within budget. This is based on the current information we have and which may change (for example, the level of Scottish Government grant we receive). 

Phase 2 of our consultation presents our initial savings options, drawn up by council officers, to close the budget shortfall . These options will go to councillors before they set their Budget early next year -- along with your feedback on these options.   

Clicking the information icon next to a saving shows what is proposed and the consequences. 

To take a saving, move the relevant slider to 100%. The impact of the saving option will be displayed in the consequences column. You can take a smaller saving in that service area (for simplicity, we are using 50% of the full saving) that will result in a reduced impact compared to the 100% saving.

If you change your mind about taking a particular saving, simply move the slider back to 0%.

You can also increase council tax, and/or fees and charges, to generate extra income, reducing the overall savings needed.

A built-in calculator will show you the reduction in overspend achieved with the options selected. Ideally we would like to see how you would close the £83m deficit (overspend), however, you don't need to achieve the full saving target to make a submission.


As you work your way through the options, the simulator also invites you to tell us how the consequences might affect you if an option was taken forward.

There is a free text box at the end of each service group for you to add your comments. We would encourage you to share your views, even if you are not taking a savings option. 

We would also ask you to provide some information about your circumstances, so we can fully understand the potential impacts.

What happens next

Your feedback will be shared with councillors to help them shape the city’s spending plans in 2024/25 and the years beyond. 


  • Anyone from any background


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  • Economic Development
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  • Business Support
  • Community Safety
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  • Council Processes
  • Local Democracy
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  • Policies and Strategies
  • Budgets and Spending
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  • Welfare Reform
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  • Primary Schools
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