Help Shape Our Services

Closes 7 Feb 2025

Opened 13 Feb 2024


Over the coming months, were are providing our citizens with the opportunity to help us improve how our services are delivered.  You are invited to take part and give your feedback.

The ways in which you can do this will vary.  For example it may involve participating in consultation or focus groups around proposed changes to our services, or it may require you to test new digital ways of accessing services.  You will also have the choice around how you wish to be involved - whether you prefer to participate independently (self-led in your home environment) or to attend a session held by one of our Customer Service Development Team.  Your feedback will help ensure that a variety of views are considered.

These are examples of the types of service reviews we are currently undertaking and looking for citizen feedback on. As this is a rolling programme of work, more services will be added regularly.

  • Aberdeen City Council Website
  • AB-1 our Aberdeen City Council Chatbot
  • Garden waste permit application
  • Report a missed bin collection
  • Book a bulky uplift
  • Request a replacement or additional bin
  • Housing online portal 
  • Online self service portal

Your Information

If you’d be happy for us to contact you from time to time for your feedback on our services, then please do sign-up with your name and a way to contact you. You can change your mind at any time, so if at any time in the future you no longer want to be contacted for feedback, let us know by emailing us at  Otherwise we’ll will keep your details for the current year, plus up to two years.  We won’t share your data with anyone else.  More information on how we will use your data in relation to any feedback you provide can be found in our Your data: customer feedback page.

Equal Monitoring Information

The registration form also asks questions about you. This information is voluntary.  By providing this information you help us to monitor the statistical data to ensure the Council is interacting in a balanced way with groups of people with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010.  The information will be used to assess the likely impact of the proposals on different groups of people with protected characteristics, and an anonymised summary of this may be shared with Councillors. 

Why your views matter

Your feedback plays a vital role in shaping improvements, and we value any comments and suggestions you may have.  Register now if you're interested in contributing.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Local Democracy
  • Local Services