Busking Proposed Code of Practice Consultation

Closes 30 Jun 2024

Opened 18 Mar 2024


Aberdeen City Centre

Busker Code of Practice



Our City Centre is a location where people live and work, busking enhances the cultural vibrance of our city and provides a platform for artists to share their talents with the public. This Code of Practice is intended to promote a harmonious and respectful busking environment for all in Aberdeen City Centre.

  1. Use of Public Space


    • Buskers must respect public spaces and not obstruct pedestrian access to pavements buildings, transport or emergency services.
    • It should be recognised that the City Centre is a place where people live and work.
    • Buskers are not permitted to make use of street furniture for acts such as lamp-posts, bins or seating.


  1. Performance


    • Acts must not include hate speech, offensive content, or any material that promotes discrimination, harassment, or violence.
    • Busking is only permitted between 10am and 8pm Monday – Sunday.
    • Noise levels should not be so loud that it can be plainly heard at a distance of 50m. Play at a considerate volume so passers-by can hear you but nearby businesses and residents are not disturbed.
  1. Locations and Rotations


    • To ensure fairness, buskers are encouraged to rotate their performance locations to allow others a chance to busk in popular spots while taking into account the needs of residents and businesses. A single act should not retain the same position for more than 2 hours.
    • The following locations have been designated as Busking Zones to allow clear areas for busking to take place:


      1. St Nicholas Square  
      2. School Hill, Outside the St Nicholas Centre
      3. Union Street, outside the Trinity Centre
      4. George Street, outside the Bon Accord Centre  
    1. These locations are subject to be withdrawn from use at short notice where organised events may be scheduled to take place, or gatherings of a similar nature.

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