Summer in the City 2024

Closed 7 Jun 2024

Opened 22 May 2024


Who Can Apply?

Funding is now available to community groups across the city to supplement the delivery of activities to children and young during the Summer school holidays. If you would like to apply please read the information below.

A Community Group is defined as group or organisation that is based in or operating in a community within the city. Please note, this applicaton is not for parents. 

What is the criteria?

This is Aberdeen City Council Funding. 

The funding is aimed at children aged 5-14 from low income households and should be targeted at these groups:  

  • Children from lone parent families  
  • Children from ethnic minority families  
  • Children from families which have 1 or more person with a disability or additional support needs (adult or child) 
  • Children from families with a young parent (under 25)  
  • Children from families with a child under 1 year old  
  • Children from larger families (3+ children)  

In addition, we ask: 

  • That activities are free of charge
  • That provision includes lunch or at least a snack
  • That activities must take place within the City

You will be responsible for managing bookings to your activities. Summer in the City can share information on your project if you would like additional promotion.

If funded we will advertise your programme on Aberdeen City Council's ' Summer in the City' webpage so everyone within the targeted group has a fair opportunity to book using the contact information you provide.

A funding requirement to complete an evaluation at the end of your session(s).

How do you apply?

Please fill out the form below and return by Friday 7th June 2024

The planning group will review the applications and let you know of the outcome by 12th June 2024.

In addition to meeting the criteria, the planning group will also use the data we received from previous 'In the City' programmes to ensure we are meeting the demand for activities as well as having a varied and exciting programme for children and young people to benefit from.

When you are making your application, please consider possible costs associated with booking buildings etc. You are responsible for all elements of your programme including making venue bookings, processing bookings and evaluation.

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