Kinship Support Group Survey

Closed 6 Sep 2023

Opened 23 Aug 2023


This kinship survey has been developed to gather your views on how we can improve Kinship support group attendance and make this a more meaningful engagement for you.  We continue to strive to provide a support group service that meets 'your' needs and would appriciate your support to develop this. 


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Why your views matter

Becoming a Kinship Carer for many would likely have been an unplanned change to their daily life.  In Aberdeen City, we have over 235 Formal Kinship households which means you are not alone in the care you provide to children and young people.  The Kinship Team are there to support you and many Kinship Carers have found in the past that connecting with other kinship carers has been extremely benefitical.

By taking part in todays survey, the Kinship Team will be able to gather a better understanding of what type of support works best for our kinship carers and how best we can support your engagement.     


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