Local and National Out of School Care Survey

Closed 14 Mar 2018

Opened 23 Jan 2018


About the Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN)

The Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN), is Scotland’s national charity (Scottish Registered Charity Number: SC020520) providing support, mentoring, training, quality assurance, information and resources to school-aged childcare and holiday services in Scotland. The work of SOSCN is underpinned by a strong commitment to ensuring the delivery of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and Getting It Right For Every Child.

Further information: www.soscn.org   twitter: @soscn


Why your views matter

Parent Survey

A new national policy for out of school care in Scotland is currently being developed. As part of this we are asking parents to complete this short survey on out of school care. Please note that question 9 onwards should only be completed if you are currently a committee or board member of the out of school care service which your children attend.

All answers are confidential and anonymous. The information will be used by the Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN) for the national survey and Aberdeen City Council for the local survey.


  • All Residents


  • Nurseries and Childcare