A92 Murcar North_Proposed Shared Use Footway

Closed 25 Aug 2019

Opened 5 Aug 2019


This scheme aims to develop a standard shared use footway for walking and cycling north of Aberdeen; from Murcar roundabout, Bridge of Don to connect up to an existing path south of Blackdog. 


Location of Proposed Shared Use Footway:

Figure 1 below, shows the proposed footway (bold red line) on the eastside of A92 heading north from Murcar roundabout.

Figure 1: Proposed Shared Use Footway from Murcar Roundabout towards Blackdog


Based upon the Ordnance Survey mapping with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office © Crown copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Aberdeen City Council 100023401, 2018


Existing Infrastructure:

1.     Figure 2 below shows an existing footway north of Murcar roundabout heading towards Blackdog on the eastside of the A92 Ellon Road. This path is below standard for use as a shared facility for cycling and walking and is also an incomplete link as it terminates at an access road a few hundred yards heading north; past which, there is no continuity. Thus this scheme aims to upgrade the width of this footway to a standard shared use width of 3 metres to allow for cycling and walking as well as extend it further north to link to an existing bus layby and footway located south of Blackdog. 


Figure 2: Existing footway eastside A92, from Murcar Roundabout heading north towards Blackdog; to be upgraded to a standard shared use walking and cycling footway


2.     South of the Murcar roundabout, a standard shared use footway already exists (Figure 3 below), on the west side of A92 Ellon Road. This path currently provides direct walking and cycling connections to Bridge of Don retail park, adjacent industrial estates and businesses and further to residential areas, schools, a Park and Ride as well as bus stops to facilitate easy connection to public transport. The proposed footway will be linked up to this existing path by means of a toucan crossing on Ellon Road.

Figure 3: Standard shared-use path south of Murcar Roundabout to which proposed north path will link to

Figure 3: Existing standard shared use footway on west side of A92 Ellon Road looking south from Murcar Roundabout


Design Considerations and Typical Path Layout: 

  • Upgrade existing footway (see Figure 2) to a standard shared use walking and cycling path 3 metres wide where permissible



  • Provide a minimum width of 1.5 metres in areas of width constrictions 



  • Provide Give Way priority at access road crossing as well as extend path further north to existing bus layby



  • Path ties in to existing bus layby and footway south of Blackdog



  • Potential extension of the path to the city boundary at Blackdog

Discussions are underway with the appropriate authorities for a phase to extend the proposed shared use footway from the bus layby to link to Blackdog at the city boundary.  



Why your views matter

We are doing so to provide an update and an opportunity for feedback on the proposed design. 

Please give us your views following the link below and if you have further questions or comments, please contact: 


What happens next

The next stage of this project will be to finalise the detailed design and commence preparations for implementation.


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