Spectra 2023 Business Survey

Closed 27 Feb 2023

Opened 13 Feb 2023


This is the business survey for Spectra 2023, measuring the impact that this years festival has had on businesses across the city centre and wider region. ACC really value the feedback provided by businesses and responses will be used to inform future events.

If your business has multiple premises, please complete a survey for each one as that gives us a more complete picture of the impact

Why your views matter

Your responses will help us improve business engagement for future events in Aberdeen as well as inform the future development of Spectra and other events. Data will be reported in the aggregate and individual responses kept confidential.

What happens next

Aberdeen City Council will review the results and use these to inform and develop future festivals and events in the city. An evaluation report analysing the results of all surveys will be published in due course and shared with key stakeholders.


  • Businesses
  • Retailers


  • Economic Development
  • Retail
  • Business Support
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Public Art
  • Tourism and Visitor Attractions
  • Festivals and Events