Aberdeen Planning Guidance: Outdoor Seating

Closed 24 Oct 2022

Opened 26 Sep 2022


The recent expansion of outdoor seating offered by hospitality businesses has transformed the city, creating a colourful, vibrant and busy atmosphere. We continue to encourage the provision of outdoor seating in the city but we must be sure that they meet the high standards that everyone expects.

Planning guidance on outdoor seating will help businesses to understand the criteria that need to be considered, from a planning perspective, when thinking about outdoor seating. Outdoor seating comprises open-air hospitality and can take the form of chairs and tables outside of a premises, or larger covered structures to accommodate patrons. 

The guidance note only relates to the planning aspects of outdoor seating; other services and consent processes are involved in outdoor seating applications.

Why your views matter

Your participation is highly valued and your responses will help to shape the planning guidance document. 

What happens next

At the end of the consultion all representaions will be analysed with modifications made to the Outdoor Seating docuement as appropraite. A report and the final document will be submitted to the next available Planning Development Management Committee. 


  • Businesses
  • Community Councils
  • Community Organisations
  • All Residents


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