Craigshaw Drive Proposed Cycleway - Online Exhibition

Closed 12 Dec 2018

Opened 12 Nov 2018


Cyclist Entering Craigshaw Drive

As part of the City’s Active Travel Action Plan (improving cycling and walking facilities and routes) the Council is considering improvements to the cycle links in and around Tullos and Wellington Road.  A cycle facility along Craigshaw Drive has been highlighted as a missing link between the existing “Shell Path” and Wellington Road in active travel provision within the area.

A report detailing the options appraisal and consultation for the cycle improvements along this route was heard at the Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee of 16 January 2018. Having reviewed the report the committee instructed the development of a detailed design for the preferred option.

Aberdeen City Council has secured funding from Sustrans and Nestrans to develop the detailed design of segregated cycleways along Craigshaw Drive and safer links to and from the existing Shell path across Abbotswell Road.

Location Plan:

Craigshaw Drive connects the A956 Wellington Road to the existing well-used Shell Path  to the north of Abbotswell Road and onwards to the other existing cycling facilities.

The location of the route is shown below:

Location Plan

Based upon the Ordnance Survey mapping with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office © Crown copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Aberdeen City Council 100023401, 2018  


Design Considerations and Typical Road Layout:

  • The proposed cycle track design is a with-flow segregated facility with a kerb segregation between the carriageway, cycleway and footway.
  • The new carriageway width will be 7.3m 
  • The proposed cycle track will be 2m wide with the adjacent footway 1.8m wide
  • The Parking and Loading of vehicles will be prohibited along the full length of Craigshaw Drive.
  • The proposed design is contained within the existing road boundary.

 Typical  Road Layout

Generic Cross Section:

Typical Junction Detail:

To provide priority for cyclists at junctions with side roads the cycleway will drop down to carriageway level becoming a mandatory cycle lane. Once beyond the junction, the cycle lane will become a segregated facility again.

Junction Detail
Typical Access Detail:
At accesses to businesses, the cycle way and footway will continue with the kerb dropped to allow vehicles to cross. Pedestrians and cyclists will have priority at these locations.

Access Detail

Crossing Locations:

To assist onward connection to the Shell Path two  formal crossings are 
  proposed; one  on Craigshaw Drive and one on Abbotswell Road
The proposed crossing type is 'Parallel Crossing' which incorporates a    
  cycle crossing in parallel with zebra crossing. 
Parallel Crossings


3D Visualisation: 

Artistic impressions of the proposed design are shown below:

Visualisation of Craigshaw Drive/Craigshaw Road Junction

Visualisation of Abbotswell Road Parallel Crossing

Why your views matter

This online exhibition is being undertaken to provide an update and an opportunity for public feedback on the proposed design. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:


What happens next

The next stage of this project will be to finalise the detailed design, secure funding for implementation and start the process to promote a Traffic Regulation Order to prohibit parking and loading on Craigshaw Drive.


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