Development Plan Scheme Participation Statement Consultation

Closed 25 Sep 2023

Opened 31 Jul 2023


A Development Plan Scheme (DPS) is produced every year. It sets out a programme for preparing and reviewing Local Development Plans (LDP). Within the DPS a Participation Statement is included which outlines when consultation is likely to take place and with whom and of its likely form and of the steps to be taken to involve the public at large in the stages of preparation or review.

This DPS is the first to cover the new LDP process, beginning Summer 2023 and ending Spring 2028. The Council are required to seek the views of the wider public upon the Participation Statement within the DPS. 

What happens next

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 requires that ‘In preparing the development plan scheme the planning authority are to seek the views of, and have regard to any views expressed by the public at large as to the content of the participation statement.’ 

Responses to the survey will inform the Planning Authority as to the adequacy of the Participation Statement at present and help give an understanding of the type of consultation which is sought by the wider public. 


  • Anyone from any background


  • Development