Physical Distancing

Closes 30 Sep 2020

Opened 29 May 2020


In response to NHS guidelines around physical distancing to reduce the risk of further transmission of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), Aberdeen City Council is making changes to a number of roads and pavements in the city to give people more space to move around safely.  

Why We Are Consulting

As lockdown restrictions ease and more and more people start moving around again, we know that, in some areas, keeping a 2-metre distance from others can be difficult. 

We would like to hear from you about the locations where you feel that physical distancing is most difficult. This could be a particular 'pinchpoint' such as a queue outside a shop or another busy area where due to a lack of available space people are forced closer together.  

The information you provide will help us to prioritise areas requiring attention so that people can move around safely and the risk of further transmission of the virus is reduced.

Give Us Your Views


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