Rosemount and Westburn Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Closed 20 Feb 2017

Opened 10 Jan 2017


Over the last few years the City Council have reviewed its conservation areas and looked at how best to manage them. We produced a Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plan, which was approved as Local Planning Advice and included character appraisals for six conservation areas.  Since then further appraisals have been carried out.   The document also includes guidance that covers all of the City’s conservation areas including Rosemount and Westburn.

We have now completed a draft character appraisal for Rosemount and Westburn, the remaining Conservation Area, to provide guidance for the public and developers alike.

Why your views matter

Appraisals inform planning policy and are used to assist Development Management.  Appraisals identify the special characteristics and helps the planning authority to carry out its role to preserve and enhance conservation areas.   

This consultation process allows the opportunity for local communities and other stakeholders to identify the characteristics of their local area that are important to them.

What happens next

The outcome of the consultation, including any necessary amendments will be reported back to the Planning and Development Management Committee for consideration as inclusion in the Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plan.


  • Community Councils
  • Developers
  • All Residents


  • Conservation
  • Planning