Aberdeen's Hydrogen Buses

Closed 8 Mar 2017

Opened 22 Feb 2017


The Aberdeen hydrogen bus project is a £19million demonstration project which has backing from public and private sector organisations from the UK and Europe.  The Project has seen 10 hydrogen powered vehicles introduced into the existing Stagecoach and First bus fleets in Aberdeen, and has been operational since March 2015. The project has also delivered a state-of-the-art hydrogen refuelling station built in the centre of Aberdeen, which produces hydrogen on site via electrolysis (the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen).   The buses are zero emission vehicles with only water produced at the tailpipe.

Why your views matter

The information from this survey will help us to understand the public’s attitudes and understanding of current hydrogen technology, and the bus project. The data gathered will be shared with project partners and other projects looking to work with hydrogen technology.


To find out more about the hydrogen bus project please visit www.h2aberdeen.com


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