South College Street Junction Improvements (Phase 1) Feedback

Closed 14 Jan 2024

Opened 12 Dec 2023


Following construction of the South College Street improvements (Phase 1) monitoring the performance and use of the project has commenced. This includes surveys on site to record data on user numbers, behaviour and interactions along the altered road network and new street layouts.  Some monitoring of the site will continue until after the opening of the second left turn lane from Palmerston Place on to North Esplanade West, which requires completion of outstanding utility repair work. It is anticipated that the project monitoring process will be concluded in 2024.

Evaluation of the South College Street constructed works as an improvement project will be based on the outcomes of the monitoring process and feedback from stakeholders. The engagement with stakeholders is being conducted through this website and by other communication methods including letter drops and meetings or site visits. Interested parties can participate in the feedback process in the following project interactive feedback section.  Additional project information is available at the foot of the page.

Why your views matter

Aberdeen City Council welcomes feedback from all interested parties on the South College Street Junction Improvements (Phase 1) project. This can include comments and opinions on the construction phase and the finished works. All the feedback received will be used to inform the project evaluation process.


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