Denominational Primary Schools Feasibility Study - Spring 2024

Closed 7 Jun 2024

Opened 22 Apr 2024


The Council is carrying out a feasibility study to identify options for the long term provision of denominational (Roman Catholic) primary schools in Aberdeen. To help inform the outcomes of the feasibility study, we are inviting comments and feedback from pupils, parents, staff, community groups and all other stakeholders, on the options available, and the potential impact of these options on individual schools and communities. This valuable feedback will be used to help inform the outcomes of the feasibility study and potential next steps. 

The attached paper provides information for stakeholders on why the feasibility study is being carried out, and what the study will focus on.



Why your views matter

The findings of the feasibility study, along with summaries of the feedback received from stakeholders, will be included within an Outline Business Case, which will be presented to the Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee in Autumn 2024.  The Committee will then make a decision on whether to accept the preferred option, and what action, if any, should be taken next.  Any proposal to close a school would require a formal public consultation, before the Council could decide whether to implement such a proposal.





What happens next

A report, summarising the submissions received and the Council's response to those submissions, will be presented to a future meeting of the Education and Children's Services Committee in Autumn 2024.


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