St Peter's Future Provision - Old Aberdeen House Feasibility Study

Closed 9 Oct 2023

Opened 27 Sep 2023


The Council is carrying out a feasibility study over the next six weeks, to identify whether refurbishing and reconfiguring Old Aberdeen House could provide a two stream school for St Peter’s long term educational requirements.  The Council agreed in September 2019 to relocate St Peter’s School to the existing Riverbank School building, after the new replacement Riverbank School has opened … subject to the condition of the Riverbank building first being improved to a category A status.  The relocation of the Aberdeen Scientific Services Laboratories from Old Aberdeen House has meant that a large proportion of the building is now vacant.   To help inform the outcomes of the feasibility study, we are inviting comments and feedback from pupils, parents, staff, community groups and all other stakeholders.

Appendix 1 provides some initial concept plans demonstrating how Old Aberdeen House could be redeveloped and used as a future school for St Peter’s pupils and staff.  The study has identified some constraints that we feel are important to highlight to stakeholders. 

Appendix 2 provides information regarding the Riverbank site option and the proposed design work to date.  This design work carried out in 2021 included the provision of a nursery however, current data analysis is indicating that additional nursery places would not be required in this part of the city.  Further design work would therefore be required to reflect this change.


Why your views matter

The findings of the feasibility study, along with summaries of the feedback received from stakeholders, will be included within a report, which will be presented to the Education and Children’s Services Committee in November 2023.  The Committee will then make the final decision on whether to accept the recommended option* (i.e. the current approved option to relocate to the Riverbank building or, develop Old Aberdeen House).  

*All fully costed business cases for capital school projects will be subject to final budget approval from Elected Members before any works can proceed




What happens next

A report, summarising the submissions received and the Council's response to those submissions, will be presented to a future meeting of the Education and Children's Services Committee in November 2023.


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