British Sign Language Plan 2024-30 survey

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Closes 19 Apr 2024


Please use this space to share your views on the priority points listed. 

1. Which of the following would apply to you (select all that apply)
2. How can we improve accessibility of information for BSL users?

BSL is the first language for many BSL users. Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership understand that to make public services fully accessible for BSL users, there needs to be awareness of the culture of BSL, giving crucial information in BSL, and enabling people to use their own language to access services.


3. How can we improve support for Children, Young People and their Families?

We are committed to giving all children, young people and their families the right support at the right time through Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). This is to help every child and young person in Scotland achieve their best possible outcome.

4. How can we improve access to employment for BSL users?

We have an employability support approach in Scotland for people of all ages, called No One Left Behind. It is open to everyone who needs it, but it focuses on helping those who face more barriers to finding work.

5. How can we improve access to health and wellbeing services and information for BSL users?

According to the law, BSL users have the same legal rights to access health and social care in their first or preferred language as people who can hear.

6. We will collect more information about BSL users in Aberdeen, what more can we do to improve our data?

There has been a lot of work done across sectors to gather evidence and data about BSL users, deaf and deafblind people, which is crucial for guiding public policy and designing services to suit people’s needs. We will work to collect more quality information.

7. What more can we do to recognise and celebrate BSL and deaf culture?

Culture can enhance the opportunities for everyone to thrive throughout their life. In Scotland, culture can play a key role in helping to prevent poverty and lessen its effects.

8. How can access to public transport in Aberdeen be improved for BSL users?

Transport Scotland’s Accessible Travel Framework for Scotland focuses on supporting disabled people’s rights by removing barriers and improving access to travel.

9. What more can public bodies do to ensure BSL support can be accessed more efficiently in frontline justice and emergency response services?

Justice is the concept of fairness. We must be able to exercise our human and civic rights, in order to live in a just and fair society.

10. What can we do to improve the participation of BSL users in democratic and public life in Aberdeen?

With a focus on people, performance, partnership and the prevention of harm to shape the Public Service Reform agenda in Scotland, it is recognised that transformational change cannot happen alone, and that people should be involved in and be able to influence the decisions affecting them.

11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
12. If you would like to attend one of our in-person engagement meetings, please share your name and email address with us.