Aberdeen Beachfront Development Framework and Strategic Environmental Assessment Consultation

Closed 24 Oct 2022

Opened 12 Sep 2022


In May 2021, the Council’s City Growth and Resources Committee instructed a public survey on the future of the Beachfront to allow potential options to be brought forward. Following the significant public engagement exercise in June and July 2021, the Council subsequently committed to preparing an Aberdeen Beachfront Development Framework to deliver on the public feedback. At the June 2022 Council meeting, a Draft Development Framework was approved for a 6-week public consultation.

The Beachfront offers a unique opportunity to create a transformational
new waterfront destination for the City of Aberdeen. At the heart of the
proposals is the redevelopment of the iconic Beach Ballroom – the
‘jewel in the crown’ of the Beachfront redevelopment. An enhanced
public realm setting for the re-imagined Ballroom, integrated with a
potential new Stadium and Leisure complex, will create a dynamic
new Urban Park which connects back into the City Centre. This people focused environment will be inclusive for all, creating a real community
asset and bringing the ‘Wow’ factor back to the Beachfront.

The Development Framework takes a landscape-led approach to the development of a world class leisure and recreational destination for the City. It sets a structure for the re-organisation of the beachfront area in order to deliver on the public’s priorities for the Beachfront in a cohesive and complimentary manner.

As this Development Framework will act as a Council strategy document, there is a requirement for the Council to undertake and consult on a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to provide an assessment of any significant environmental effects resulting from the Framework.

Why your views matter

The Development Framework, the Development Framework Executive Summary and the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment, and the presentation boards which were on display as part of the drop-in sessions are all available at the link below and will be available throughout this 6 week consultation until 24 October 2022.

Hard copies of the Draft Development Framework, the Executive Summary and the Strategic Environmental Assessment will also be available for viewing at the Council’s Headquarters, Marischal College.

This purpose of this consultation is to inform the public of the vision and content of the Draft Development Framework and Strategic Environmental Assessment , and to garner public feedback on the proposals in advance of finalising the Development Framework for implementation.

What happens next

Feedback and comments received as part of this public consulation will be considered and assessed and reported back to a future Council meeting.   This report will include any recommended revisions to the Draft Beachfront Development Framework resulting from this consultation exercise.



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