Draft Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy (2023-2030) consultation

Closes 12 Jan 2024

Opened 17 Nov 2023

Results expected 31 Mar 2024

Feedback expected 31 Mar 2024


Aberdeen City Council is developing its next Local Transport Strategy which will cover the period from 2023-2030 and we need your help.

What is a Local Transport Strategy?

  • A Local Transport Strategy (LTS) is a high-level transport plan which looks at the transport needs of a local authority area. 
  • It sets out a series of actions and outcomes to meet those needs over a set period of time.
  • It considers transport’s relationship with wider plans, policies and strategies (including those to do with health, technology, communities, the environment, the economy and land use). 

What is a Local Transport Strategy not?

  • The Local Transport Strategy (LTS) is not something which goes into specific detail about schemes. It will not say, for example, that we will put a cycleway down a particular street or how it will be designed. 
  • The LTS is not purely about roads and traffic. It’s about a whole transport network​ and this includes not travelling at all.
  • The LTS is not anti-car​. Vehicles have an important place in the transport network.
  • The LTS does not show preference to one particular area. This means it will not be trying to improve the economy, communities, the environment, health​, technology or land use alone but will consider them all.
  • The LTS is not a wish list​ of schemes but a strategy to improve the transport network backed up by evidence. 
  • The LTS is not developed without consideration of the wider context. Therefore, it is very important that it continues to benefit and be shaped by people living in, working in and visiting the city.

What has been done to date?

Consultation took place in October 2021 to help identify the main challenges and opportunities for the Aberdeen transport network and to allow us to get an idea of what doesn’t work well, what does, and what could be done to improve things. This, along with looking at how other national, regional and local plans, strategies, and policies have changed since the last LTS was written, has allowed us to put together this draft Local Transport Strategy and its supporting documents.


Why your views matter

Please take a look at the Draft Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy (2023-2030) and its supporting documents and then let us know your thoughts via the questionnaire below. An "Easy to Read" and "At A Glance" versions of the Draft Strategy, along with reader-friendly version of the main strategy document, have also been prepared. You can find all the documents at the bottom of this page in the "Related" section.

The consultation period will run for 8 weeks from Friday 17th November 2023 to Friday 12th January 2024

As part of the consultation, we’ve also asked some questions about you. This allows us to see if there are any themes coming through from different groups of the population. This can help, not just to inform the Local Transport Strategy but also the projects which will might stem from it.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at transportstrategy@aberdeencity.gov.uk

To view the privacy notice for this consultation please go to Your data: Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy Consultation | Aberdeen City Council

There have been two Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs) done for the draft Local Transport Strategy. One for the document itself and the other for the consultation. These can be found here Search Integrated Impact Assessments | Aberdeen City Council (Dated 29th August 2023)

What happens next?

Your feedback will be analysed and used to inform the development of the Final Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy. The results of the consultation will inform a report which will detail the main findings of the consultation exercise and detail how these were used to inform the final strategy. This will be publicly available and will form one of the appendices to the Final Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy.

It is hoped that the final Local Transport Strategy, and associated documents, will be taken back to the relevant council committee in 2024 for approval.

Please give us your views


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